Former Students Speak

Dalva’s caring nature and sense of humor make her an absolute delight to be around. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping others is downright contagious. She really motivates you to want to become more passionate about your own dreams and goals.
-Genova Darby

I met Jessica Osborn in 1991 when I began my journey with Reiki. As a skeptical First Degree Reiki student, I was reassured by her confidence with Reiki. In the spring of 1992, I was able to receive Second Degree Reiki from Jessica.

It wasn’t until 1994 when I asked her to train me as a Reiki Master that my work with Jessica really began. She held the space and supported me for more than a year as I discovered my deeper relationship with Reiki, and of course, with myself. It was an intensive year of transformation. Jessica initiated me as a Reiki Master in September 1995, and I have been teaching Reiki full time ever since.

I am profoundly grateful for all that Jessica shared and taught me during the time we worked together. My life would not be what it is today without her.
With Aloha,
Maureen Pua’ena O’Shaughnessy,
Reiki Master

I had the immeasurable privilege of taking a couple of Dalva’s classes during my undergraduate career. Though there were many lessons I learned from Jane Austen and Joseph Campbell under her instruction, the lessons she taught me outside of the classroom have been even more beneficial to my life. She is a sturdy body of wisdom, a spiritual escort, and a supportive confidant all rolled into one amazing human–something I have found in very few others. Several times since I first walked into her class, and long after I graduated, she has been one of my number one go-to allies whenever life has thrown me a curve-ball; from struggling to make it through my classes, to simply struggling to make it in general, I am always sure that I can find a sounding-board, adviser, and friend by speaking with her. Above all, she has helped me connect with my higher powers and, more importantly, connect with my inner, shadow self. Whether you are looking for a warm, friendly person to bring your worries to, or a mentor to make clear the path you know to be truest to your self, you will find refuge and strength in Dalva.
-Rhiannon Williams

Jessica Osborn was my first spiritual teacher. She awakened the light and potential within my soul, taught me about energy and how it moves through our lives, and help me understand how to access the wisdom within. She is a profound mystic, a pure intuitive, a powerful Reiki master, and a spiritual instructor who walks the talk. If you study with her count yourself among the lucky souls on this earth.
– Ann Albers, Author, Spiritual Instructor, Angel Communicator, & Modern Mystic

As an international student, I felt darkness and difficulty the first time I took English literature classes. I still remember the day I tried to hand my drop class request to Dalva. Her warm words and strong encouragement melted the ice, and helped me on my way to pursue the beauty of English literature. She builds up a bridge for me to better understand cultural differences and to become who I want to be.

For me, she is always my mentor through my undergraduate and Master degrees, until I know I am going for my Ph.D. I am glad that she can guide more people to become who they are. I feel so lucky that I was her student. And now Dalva is my very special friend I love so much.
-Xinyi Yu

Dalva Church was my English professor when I attended University. It has been several years since I was in her class, and I am still influenced by her as a mentor and a friend. Dalva not only taught me how to think for myself, but she also encouraged me to believe in myself. Every time I present her with a project I am working on, she gives me positive feedback and engages with the content on a level most people would not take the time to do. There are a handful of people who have deliberately invested in my growth, and Dalva is one of those people.
-Samuel Miller

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