Silencing the Inner Critical Voice Part 3

If you missed part one, you can see it here: Silencing the Inner Critical Voice

and part 2 is here: Taking the Next Steps to Freedom from The Inner Critical Voice

Hopefully by now you are starting to feel more separate from your thoughts and seeing them as a natural phenomenon, rather than as a part of you.

I took a walk in the woods this past week. I enjoyed moving through the cool shade, seeing the amazing diversity of plants and trees. Your thoughts are like the trees. As you move through life, you will keep encountering thoughts, brought to you courtesy of the environment. I didn’t look at certain trees and resent them, or feel that they should be a different shape, color or size. They just were there because I was in the woods. So it is with thoughts. They aren’t yours, they just show up. You can greet them with peace, because they are not you or yours, just a part of the scenery.

Once you no longer identify with your thoughts, you can begin to question them and see the underlying patterns that keep showing up. Seeing where thoughts come from and questioning their validity can help you to be free from their influence.

A while ago, I was driving, and going the speed limit. I don’t like to rush from place to place. I like to give myself time and enjoy the scenery. An annoyed driver behind me oinked, then sped around me angrily because I was going the speed limit. An old familiar thought popped into my head, that I should not inconvenience others. I said hello to the thought, acknowledging it. I noticed the emotions that came with it.  Then I questioned it. Where did this thought come from? I sat with the thought and its feelings and realized that this thought construct came from my childhood. It was the voice of my ancestors telling me that children should not be seen and not be heard. Causing inconvenience to adults was a sin punished by anger and possibly by violence.

I realized that this was no longer a thought I wanted to align with. I asked my highest self to see the truth about that thought. As I did, I laughed out loud when the truth hit me. Sometimes, we need to inconvenience people. If someone is hurting others, you better believe we want to inconvenience them by putting a stop to it! Sometimes, pushing someone’s buttons is just what they need to face their own issues. I am not talking about deliberately trying to make life difficult for others, but if a person is inconvenienced by just you being genuinely you, then that is an area where they need to face their own issues. In that case, being a huge inconvenience is actually doing them a favor!

The freedom that this brought me was immense. Often, when a thought pattern is released, we will find tears coming to our eyes, or laugh out loud as the energy that thought pattern was tying up is freed in ourselves. There may be a physical feeling of lightness. Until I feel the release, I just keep sitting with the thought and feelings, seeing what they have to teach me.

Have you experienced any breakthroughs like this? Let me know in the comments.

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