Is Your Heart Blocking your Manifestation?

E=Mc2 is a powerful statement. All matter is energy slowed down significantly enough to become solid. Consciousness is what slows the energy down enough to create matter. If you look at the past, at myths and legends, you may see this process taking place. The world becomes more and more fixed, more “solid” more unmovable and less magical, as more people concentrate their belief on narrow and rigid systems.

To create, one has to draw the pattern at the level of energy, then bring the pattern through into form. You might call it magic or miracles, but it is physics.

However, most of us are blocked at that crucial heart point where energy manifests into matter. Instead of a clear channel through to our higher self so we can create beauty and truth, we are running programs, so what does come through is distorted. People try doing affirmations and visualization, which sometimes help a little, but they can’t really create because they are not getting a clear channel.

We are not becoming something; we are clearing away all that keeps us from what we already ARE.

There is a popular trend now with the “I AM” movement. A particularly dangerous aspect of this trend is the “I am God” movement. There is some truth to that statement, to be sure, but since most people hearing that, saying it, and believing it, have not moved past the heart blockage, they are just feeding their ego (which already thinks it is god), and are saying something that is not true at all.

This would be like Your Skype App on your computer believing that it is you, or you believing that Skype is the entire internet speaking to you.

Nope. You can say that god is you, but the programming that we perceive as “I” is definitely not god (or ultimate being-ness, or whatever you wish to call the totality).

To know truth, you have to be clear. The most important thing to do is to clear your heart.

So, instead of saying that you are god, begin to connect with unconditional, unlimited love. If you want  a mantra, start there. You are unconditional, unlimited love. When you connect with love, you get a clear channel. If jut saying it is not enough to connect (and often it isn’t), then find something that makes you actually feel love, and think about it at the same time as you say it. This brings in your emotions to make the statement true. Feel what you feel when your pet, or child, or lover was cuddling you and bringing out the emotion of love. Then add in action. Do something kind for someone with the intent of showing love. These things put together quickly clear your heart, and bring it into coherence: the place where you get a clear channel to higher reality, or pure energy, if you prefer to think of it that way.

When you are in that place, you see clearly, you are resonating at a frequency that draws amazing adventures to you.

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